Category Geoenvironmental database systems
Publisher  Golder Associates (Maidenhead UK) Ltd 
Platform Web/Java
Status Commercial
Description eFacility is a modular, extranet application developed to undertake the management of different types of spatial data and documents associated with one or more facilities. A facility is any location where spatial data, interactive maps (GIS) and documents come together; a facility can be a manufacturing plant, transport depot, landfill, gold mine or a process. Data examples include environmental monitoring data from boreholes, air monitoring equipment and river sampling, data collected during asbestos surveys through to compliance and audit data collected across an organization's facilities. It is multilingual and has a content management system to allow customization. It has the following modules: Environmental Manager; Asbestos Manager; Audit Manager; Document Manager; Tunnel Boring Machine Module.
Cost Modular, service orientated
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  Golder Associates (Maidenhead UK) Ltd 

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