Ternary Plot
Category Plotting (special)
Publisher  PAZ Software 
Platform Mac
Status Commercial
Description Ternary Plot is a graphic plotting application that normalises and plots three values on a triangular diagram including negative values outside the triangular system. Data is entered from, text files, clipboard, keyboard, or created interactively by clicking the mouse pointer within the triangular area. Data from all sources is error checked and samples with missing values are ignored. Negative values may be trapped as errors or plotted outside the triangular diagram. Numerous comparisons of data from spreadsheets may be made by using the data input from clipboard option. Any section of three columns from a spreadsheet and plot the data contained in the clipboard. Select and copy a new segment of data from the spreadsheet and plot as an overlay for comparison. An unlimited number of data sets may be plotted on the same ternary diagram. An apex factor option allows the application of a multiplier to any corner before normalisation. Other features: The diagram title and apex labels may be added or changed at any time. Subscripts and superscripts may be applied to any text. Additional text may be placed anywhere on the diagram. Eleven plot symbols plus sample numbers, tie lines, and line segments can be plotted using any of seven colour choices. The same data set can be plotted with symbols, numbers and tie lines to produce a plot of numbered symbols connected by lines. Tick marks and grid lines may be specified from a dialogue box. Legends, with symbols and text, may be created. Drawing tools consist of lines, circles, ovals, rectangles, triangles, hexagons and a freehand pencil. Diagrams can be saved as MacDraw PICT files or transferred via the clipboard to almost any other application. Text and graphic elements of the diagram can be edited with any draw-type application (e.g. MacDraw).
Cost US Dollars 150
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  PAZ Software 

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