Geosoft DAP
Category Geographical information systems
Publisher  Geosoft Inc 
Platform WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Geosoft DAP is technology for delivering and accessing earth science data from a file server via the Internet or Intranet. It overcomes data access and distribution problems, including insufficient bandwidth for large data, format incompatibility, lack of standards and map projection incompatibilities. It makes spatial data placed on a file system available to a networked environment, and accessible via a web browser or web client application, such as ESRI's ArcIMS. Once published data can also be accessed from a variey of desktop ('thick' client) applications including Oasis montaj. Plug-ins are available for MapInfo and ArcGIS.
Data formats supported Mapping and GIS  :  MIF / MID   :  Shape 
Supplier in Canada  Geosoft Inc 

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