RockWare AqQA
Category Data validation
Publisher  Rockware Inc. 
Platform Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description RockWare AqQA allows checking of water chemistry data for internal consistency by creating Piper diagrams, Stiff diagrams, Ternary, Durov, or 7 other plot types. Features: Six tests for water data consistency according to AWWA 1030-E Standard Methods. 11 plot types: Series, Time Series, Cross Plot, Ternary, Stiff, Piper diagram, Durov, Schoeller, Ion Balance, Pie Chart and Radial Plot. Calculates carbonate equilibria, TDS, density, conductivity, hardness. Flags violations of water quality standards. Check replicates and standards. 200 pre-defined analyte types- inorganic, organic, biological assay, radioactivity, isotopes - or define your own.
Cost US Dollars 499
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Rockware Inc. 

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