Category Contract Planning and Management
Platform Win95/98, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description EZVOL is a software program that allows the user to calculate the approximate volume of a stockpile. It can also be used to estimate the volume of an excavated area, provided the original surface is fairly flat and/or uniform. The program allows the user to calculate the volume of a stockpile, based on a survey of the base perimeter plus a survey of the surface of the stockpile itself. The perimeter points are used to form a TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) which represents the base of the stockpile. The perimeter points plus stockpile points are used to form a second TIN, which represents the surface of the stockpile. The volume between the two surfaces is the volume of the stockpile. The program displays the stockpile volume in either cubic feet or cubic meters. The user can enter a density factor for the stockpile material, and the program will display the total weight of the stockpile. The user can display the survey points, the Delaunay triangles which form each TIN, a contour plot of stockpile thickness, or a 3-D solid mesh view of the stockpile. The 3-D display can be viewed at any of eight different angles, and at a range of vertical exageration scales.
Cost US Dollars 399
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Rockware Inc. 

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