Category Contaminant modelling
Platform Win95/98
Status Freeware
Description STANMOD (STudio of ANalytical MODels) is a software for evaluating solute transport in porous media using analytical solutions of the convection-dispersion solute transport equation. It includes the following models for one-dimensional transport problems: CXTFIT 2.0 [Toride et al., 1995], CFITM [van Genuchten,1980], CFITIM [van Genuchten, 1981], CHAIN [van Genuchten, 1985]. It also includes the following models for two- and three-dimensional transport problems: 3DADE [Leij and Bradford, 1994], N3DADE [Leij and Toride, 1997].
Cost Free on www
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  International Ground Water Modeling Center 

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