Category Insitu testing
Publisher  Gouda-Geo Equipment 
Platform WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Geo-Explorer is a software application for the recording of Cone Penetration Test soundings. Main features include: Simultaneous recording of up to 8 analogue and 4 digital channels including cone resistance (qc), local sleeve friction (fs), inclination (X & Y), pore pressure (P), temperature (T), conductivity. Registration of the depth, time, sounding speed, zero-shifts, calibration values. Automatic selection of cone type, number of measuring channels, calibration and scale. Supports both compression type and subtraction type electrical cones and electrical measuring heads for mechanical CPT. Geopoint, GeoMil and APB Gorilla output data formats can be selected for storage, exchange and processing. Recording and presentation of measured values adjustable from every 10 to every 100 mm. Automatic generation of diary files with data such as: Date and time, CPT number, Daily reports, Zero-readings, Name of CPT unit, Final depth, Zero-shifts, Warnings, Total testing meters per cone, Calibration values, Max cone values, Errors in CPT and measuring procedures. Complies with standards EMC, NEN5140, NEN3680, BRL2364, Bericht 514-A50, Bericht 514-A/51, DIN 4094-1, ASTM D3441, D5778 and ISSMGE. System warnings for reaching maximum load on cone, maximum inclination and maximum zero-shift. Maximum levels can be entered by the user. System can trigger a visual alarm or send a signal to a shut-off relay for stopping the CPT procedure. On-screen display of measured values (numerically or graphically) during CPT testing procedure either against time or against depth. Preliminary test results can be seen on screen or printed in the field. Integrated project administration. Resume sounding after disruptions. Load previously saved soundings. Multi-language user-interface. Individual CPT's or complete projects can be e-mailed by means of the integrated GPRS.
Cost Euros 1250
Data formats supported Geotechnical  :  GeoMil   :  Geopoint   :  Gorilla! 
Supplier in Netherlands  Gouda-Geo Equipment 

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