GeoRock (GeoStru)
Category Slope stability (rock)
Publisher  GeoStru Software S.a.s. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description GeoRock (GeoStru) carries out a statistical simulation of rock falls using the Lumped Mass or CRSP model. For the Lumped Mass method the slope profile consists of a number of straight line segments; the falling block is reduced to a point and air resistance is considered to be zero. The CRSP (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program) devised by Pfeiffer and Bowen (1989) models the fall of blocks of spherical, cylindrical or disc form, with the circular section in the vertical plane of the section. CRSP models the parabolic trajectory of bodies in free fall using the principle of conservation of total energy. The roughness of the slope and the dimension of the blocks are used to model the impact event. Specifically, the CRSP model considers combinations of movement in free fall, bounce, roll and slide that can vary in relation to the size of the blocks and the roughness of the slope. The reliability of this method has been verified by comparison of the numerical results against field trials. The definition of the slope profile may be imported from DXF, Excel or GeoStru Trispace generated sections. Restitution coefficients may be selected from a table. Either single or a range of points may be selected as origins of fall, together with mass and initial velocity. Barriers and markers may be defined as may terrain roughness. Animated display of fall trajectories. Energy, velocity, bounce and rock end points are reported and graphed. Single trajectories may be selected showing velocity of impact, bounce length, relative to the previous impact, and the energy of the block on impact. The energy of the boulder at individual barriers can be displayed showing height, velocity of impact, and energy achieved by the block at that point. Display and graphing of the percentage of blocks failing to pass predefined markers. Reports may be edited in preview, printed or exported to any text processor in RTF format. Export of graphical output to DXF or BMP. Print preview of graphical output with relocation, sizing, cropping, scaling, text addition and headings, prior to printing. S.I. measurement units. HTM Help file and PDF manual file. Interface languages: English, Italian, Spanish.
Cost Euro 290
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Documents  :  Rich Text Format 
Drawings  :  DXF 
Images  :  Windows bitmap 
Supplier in Italy  GeoStru Software S.a.s. 

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