Slope stability analysis
Category Slope stability (soil)
Publisher  GeoStru Software S.a.s. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Slope (GeoStru) carries out the analysis of soil slope stability both in static and seismic states utilising the limit equilibrium methods of Fellenius, Bishop, Janbu, Bell, Sarma, Spencer, Morgenstern and Price. The discrete element method (DEM) is also used for circular and non-circular failures by which it is possible to determine movement in the slope, examine a gradual failure, and employ various models of force-deformation. Analysis of rock slopes is carried out by the Hoek-Bray method. Reinforcement with piles, gravity and/or reinforced concrete bracing walls, netting, geofabrics, anchors, and terracing may be specified. Distributed and point loads may be defined. Water tables and piezometric surfaces may be defined. Automatic computation of Safety Factor for surfaces that are tangential to a straight line (automatically varying the inclination), or that pass through one, two, or three given points. Analysis of submerged slopes. Back analysis. Recursive undo and redo. The program interfaces with other GeoStru programs: 'Trispace' to import slope sections; 'Dynamic Probing' and 'Static Probing' to import geotechnical parameter profiles and 'Sections' to define problem geometry. The program imports Excel tables of coordinates to define the slope geometry. Reports may be edited in preview, printed or exported to any text processor in RTF format. Export of graphical output to DXF, Excel or BMP files. Print preview of graphical output with relocation, sizing, cropping, scaling, text addition and headings, prior to printing. User selected measurement units (metric/foot-lb). HTM Help file and PDF manual file. Interface languages: English, Italian, Spanish.
Cost Euro 290
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Documents  :  Rich Text Format 
Drawings  :  DXF 
Images  :  Windows bitmap 
Supplier in Italy  GeoStru Software S.a.s. 

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