Category Retaining wall design
Publisher  FIDES DV-Partner Beratungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH 
Platform Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description WALLS carries out the analysis and design of retaining walls for deep excavations. It calculates lateral loads, analysis of the mechanical behaviour of the structure, as well as its factor of safety against failure. The following types of retaining wall are considered: sheet pile walls, soldier H-beam walls and in-situ concrete walls (eg bored and secant pile walls or diaphragm walls). The design is characterized by layers with different soil properties, groundwater flow, sloping ground level, foundation forces and underground excavations of adjacent buildings. Progressive construction stages with increasing depths of excavation and additional layers of tiebacks or struts can be analysed, as can the removal/backfill stages. Main features include: Non-linear analysis of the wall loaded by deformation related earth pressure, by loads behind the wall and by permeability dependent hydrostatic loads and supported by partly pre-stressed anchors and by the soil resistance in front of the elastically supported wall toe. Iterative calculation of the minimum wall depth is carried out that is valid for all construction and removal/backfill stages considering progressive irreversible wall deformations and safety against failure of the supporting passive earth pressure. Calculation of the length of anchors based on collapse of the combined wall-anchor-earth block. Factor of safety against circular failure of the whole system. Graphical interactive user interface for generating input data and for controlling the program sequence and the data flow. Graphical representation of results. Draft construction plan for subsequent detailed design. In German and English.
Cost Euro 1120 to 2000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Germany  FIDES DV-Partner Beratungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH 
Supplier in Germany  FIDES DV-Partner Systemhaus Berlin GmbH 
Supplier in Germany  FIDES DV-Partner Systemhaus Rhein-Main GmbH 

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