Category Dynamics (soil-structure interaction)
Publisher  Ensoft Inc 
Platform Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description DynaN carries out the dynamic analysis of shallow and deep foundations based on the improved Novak's method where a non-reflective boundary is formed between the near field and the far field to account for the mass of soil in the boundary. The program yields the dynamic response of both shallow and deep foundations under harmonic, transient, and random loadings. Such loadings can be produced by rotating or reciprocating machines, earthquake, wind, blast, sea waves, and other sources. The foundations (or caps on piles) are assumed to be rigid, and all six degrees of freedom are considered as coupled. The foundation stiffness and damping constants are also returned for possible use in soil-structure interaction analysis. The stiffness of the supporting soil along with damping constants needed for the analysis are evaluated in the program for surface foundations, embedded foundations, and pile foundations. Soil layering, a possible weakened zone around a foundation, and pile-soil-pile interaction are all taken into account. For practical purposes, the damping is reduced based on experimental results. It can be used for the dynamic analysis under transient and random loading in the time domain. It also can be used for harmonic loading in the frequency domain. By means of a substructure method, the dynamic response of the superstructure is calculated using a finite element program, such as SAP2000, and the stiffness and damping of the foundation are generated using the DynaN program.
Cost US Dollars 2900
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Ensoft Inc 

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