Category Instrumentation
Publisher  Mitre Software Corp 
Platform Win3x, Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description GTilt is used for inclinometer data reduction and presentation. A wide range of inclinometer probes, readouts, and loggers is supported. Imports many types of inclinometer data files directly, and comes with conversion and/or downloading utilities for others. Uses the same .GTL data file format as GTILT for DOS. The file format is enhanced to include sketch objects to be included on graphs, but remains readable by the DOS versions of GTILT. A plot of the current file is visible as soon as an inclinometer is loaded, and remains visible while it is running. Plots Cumulative Displacement, Incremental Displacement, and Absolute Position against Depth or Elevation. Plots Displacement, Shear Strain, Rate of Displacement, and Rate of Shear Strain against Time. All plots are available in the inclinometer groove directions or at a skew angle. Access to all readings using a three-dimensional editor. Checksums can be viewed in histogram form, allowing an immediate quantitative assessment of the quality of each dataset. User-selectable plot colors. Supports probes of any base length. Plots in English or Metric units, independent of probe type. Top-down plots can incorporate independent surveys of surface movement. Lines, polylines, and text can be drawn on the plots to show stratigraphy, piles, tunnels, excavations and so on, with user-definable point sizes and colors. Datasets can be marked for inclusion on all plots, on time plots only, or on no plots. For plots vs depth or elevation, individual datasets can also be toggled by clicking directly on the plot legend. Exports Windows Graphics Metafiles (.WMF) for use with other applications. Scales can modified by entering new ranges directly on plots. A free working model version is available on the WWW.
Cost US Dollars 865
Data formats supported Images  :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in Canada  Mitre Software Corp 
Supplier in United Kingdom  GeoMEM Limited 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Soil Instruments Ltd 

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