Category Field data collection
Publisher  Dataforensics, L.L.C 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Palm OS
Status Commercial
Description PLog is a system that facilitates the generation of geotechnical borehole logs by managing the dataflow process from field data collection via a Palm OS based personal digital assistant (PDA) to a desktop database for storage of all borehole log data to a direct interface with gINT for generating borehole logs. It allows the user to utilize existing boring log templates on the desktop computer while digitally logging the field data in the PDA. It provides an interface for entering nearly all data typically documented during a site investigation including: project information, borehole information, soil samples (SPT, Bulk, Block, Wash, Undisturbed), rock samples, soil and rock stratigraphy, problems encountered during drilling, groundwater conditions, slope inclinometer and monitoring well installations, environmental measurements. It minimizes text input on the PDA by providing lists and wizards from which the user makes selections to generate the soil and rock descriptions as well as general information about the borehole. Lookup lists can be created for data that is entered repetitively such as field personnel, sampler types, drilling methods. It includes predictive text, customizable description components, classifications for AASHTO, USCS, modified Burmister and BSI, text macros and GPS support. It is compliant with version 3 of the AGS data transfer format. Upon completion of fieldwork the field data is transferred from the PDA to a personal computer/server for the production of boring logs, sections, profiles, laboratory work orders in gINT. It reduces or eliminates the need for time spent performing QA/QC procedures, since the data is entered on-site and does not need to be retyped from the handwritten logs.
Cost US Dollars 700, GB Pounds 395
Data formats supported Geotechnical  :  AGS 
Supplier in Australia  EarthScience Information Systems (EScIS) 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Leeke Associates Ltd 
Supplier in United States of America  Dataforensics, L.L.C 

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