Processing Modflow PRO
Category Groundwater flow (MODFLOW)
Publisher  Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. 
Platform WinNT, Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Processing Modflow PRO carries out 3D Groundwater Flow and Transport Modeling. It has a graphical preprocessor and postprocessor for the 3D finite-difference ground-water models MODFLOW-88, MODFLOW-96, and MODFLOW 2000; the solute transport models MT3D, MT3DMS, RT3D and MOC3D; the particle tracking model PMPATH and the inverse models UCODE and PEST-ASP for automatic parameter estimation. Main features: Supports models with up to 1,000 stress periods, 200 layers and 250,000 cells in each model layer. Graphical grid design tools. Specify model parameters using Cell-by-Cell, Polygon, or Polyline tools. Rotate and align the model grid related to the overlay maps in AutoCAD, Surfer, or bitmap image (.bmp) formats. Imports existing MODFLOW files and model results. Exports model results to Surfer and ASCII files. Interpolates discrete data by means of Inverse Distance Weighting, Kriging or Triangulation. Both steady state and transient models can be created. Supports Streamflow-Routing Package, Horizontal-Flow Barrier Package, Reservoir Package, and Time-Variant Specified Head Package. Supports various equation solvers including Direct Solution Package, Link-Algebraic Multigrid Package, Strongly Implicit Procedure Package, and Preconditioned Conjugate-Gradient Package 2. Generate heterogeneously-distributed parameter fields for stochastic simulation. Automatic parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis using MODFLOW-2000, PEST-ASP, and UCODE. Detailed summaries of model calibration results (scatter plots and time series plots) and statistics (estimated parameter values and sensitivity values). 3D visualization and animation using 3D Master. Interactive model display in both plan view and cross-sectional view. Color shaded contouring of model properties and simulation results. Display and animate pathlines and velocity vectors. Detailed summaries of global and subregional water budget.
Cost US Dollars 1195
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DWG 
Images  :  Windows bitmap 
Supplier in United States of America  Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. 

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