Target (Oasis montaj)
Category Geological modelling
Publisher  Geosoft Inc 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description Target is exploration software for surface and drillhole mapping. Main features: Import drillhole data from different data sources, including ASCII, ODBC and Metech's acQuire. Import data from CAD and GIS packages such as Microstation, DXF formats, MapInfo and ArcView. Data validation on import. Create drillhole sections and plans. Analyze and interrogate drillhole data in real time via dynamically linked sections, plans and database views. Create and customize 3D views of grids and profile data. View borehole traces and grid data from different angles in 3 dimensions to spot the relationship between surface and sub-surface features. Display multiple grids, horizontal grids stacked vertically, in 3D space. Zoom, pan and rotate objects in the 3D environment, using an interactive 3D dialog. Print and export 3D views. Grids and contour maps can be created using point sample datasets (eg. streams, soils, rocks, geophysical data) from a variety of raw data sources (ASCII, Excel, Access, and acQuire). Interpretation can be done on all maps with CAD drawing tools, which allow a user to annotate and define areas of interest onto new layers in the map view. Combine drillhole data with all other surface data and information to create integrated surface and subsurface maps. Create scaled graphical strip log display of selected holes or the entire drillhole project. Utilize up to 32 graphical fields to display down hole data. Dynamic contouring algorithm with gradient feathering and labeling control. It is also available as an extension to ESRI's ArcGIS.
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Access   :  Excel 
Drawings  :  DXF   :  Microstation 
Mapping and GIS  :  MIF / MID   :  Shape 
Supplier in Canada  Geosoft Inc 

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