DataStream Enterprise
Category Geoenvironmental database systems
Publisher  enABL, Inc. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description DataStream Enterprise provides tools for environmental laboratory data management. Import data into the program in Electronic Deliverable Format (EDF), and other electronic formats including user-defined formats. Features: Over 20 built-in data analysis and verification reports, Facilitates user-defined formats (eg LIMS), Query, sort and filter data; export to Excel or .DBF formats, Translate electronic deliverables (EDDs) using Import and Export functions, Cross-tab functions, Add verification reports, Add customized translations, Add data libraries (eg regulatory limits and method information), Conforms to California's EDF 1.2i Program (AB2886). Data Analysis and Verification Reports: Holding Time, Cooler Receipt, Surrogate Analyte, Lab Blank Hits, Report Summary, Lab Blank Analyte, Analyte Hits, Project Summary, Control Limits, Matrix Spike Accuracy, QC Batches, Code List, Matrix Spike Precision, Sample Summary, Ambient Blanks, Blank Spike Accuracy, Nonconformance, Equipment Blanks, Blank Spike Precision, Matrix Spike Analyte, Trip Blanks, Surrogates, Blank Spike Analyte, Data Comparison.
Cost US Dollars 1,995
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  dBase   :  Excel 
Geoenvironmental  :  EDF 
Supplier in United States of America  enABL, Inc. 

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