Pocket WinLoG
Category Field data collection
Publisher  GAEA Technologies Ltd. 
Platform Windows CE 3.0 for Pocket PC
Status Commercial
Description Pocket WinLoG runs on a Pocket PC and is used to enter ground investigation data in the field, from which borehole logs can be produced. The system features: Use of the stylus pen to enter data into logs. Form screens with tabs, scroll bars and keyboard features. All of the data once entered on the form is automatically saved. Download WinLoG templates to the Pocket PC for data entry in the field. It can store an unlimited number of templates. Pocket templates are represented on the menu tree form, displaying the types of data that can be entered for the log. Borehole data is stored within a project, with no restrictions to log design. Save all logs individually within a project. Borehole data can contain: general header and footer data, borehole depths, elevation, lithologies, samples, well data, remarks, graphs, water contents, core, symbols and memos. Copy a previous log to create a new log. Input sample information, symbols, values, by borehole depth. Choose various symbols from the libraries for strata, sample, well components and core data. Enter graph data by depth and value. An average of 200 logs can be stored in 1 MB of memory. Uses Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize with the desktop to upload and download data.
Cost US Dollars 195
Data formats supported Geological  :  WinLog 
Supplier in Canada  GAEA Technologies Ltd. 
Supplier in United States of America  Scientific Software Group 

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