Category Geographical information systems
Publisher  Alov 
Platform Web/Java
Status Freeware
Description ALOV Map is a Java application designed to aid in the dissemination and visualization of geospatial data via the Internet. It is in three parts: The Map Server provides access to spatial and attribute data in SQL databases or Shapefiles, storing of user cache and dataset registration; A Java servlet Client Viewer provides the render and display services, it can be launched as a Java application or incorporated in an HTML page as an applet; The Map Publisher is used to describe and register data on the server or to create a project. Features: The client viewer supports complex rendering architecture and allows working with multiple layers, thematic maps, hyperlinked features and attribute data, and offers unlimited navigation by mouse or embedded navigation buttons. The Map Server works either with database servers which support the OpenGIS simple feature data model or with Shapefiles. The client viewer can work directly with Shapefiles; in this case dedicated server-side support is not required. The download size of the client viewer is less than 80KB. The server spreads vector maps to clients in the most efficient way and uses advanced caching to reduce network traffic.
Cost Free
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Russian Federation  Alov 

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