Category Slope stability (soil)
Publisher  GEOS Ingenieurs Conseils SA (France) 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description GEOSTAB V3 computes the factor of safety of slopes, which may be strengthened by nails, pins with or without combined limiting criteria, anchors, geotextiles, or other reinforcement. Failure surfaces can be of different shapes: circular, with a centre search box or by determining entry and exit intervals; logarithmic spirals; non circular, with one or several planes projected either by a wedge of active pressure at the top of the slope and a wedge of passive pressure at the bottom of the slope, or by logarithmic spirals or by circles; random. Groundwater can be taken into account by the difference in levels between one or several water tables and the base of the slices; the introduction of a constant pore pressure u in the soil; the introduction of a pressure coefficient ru in the soil; the introduction of pore pressures according to an array of points generated by a finite difference or finite element method calculation. Earthquake loading is taken into account by a pseudo static calculation: for circular surfaces the rotation of the geometrical shape as recommended by the AFPS, unless overhangs are produced, in which case, the earthquake is taken into account by adding an external moment in the equilibrium equations; for non circular surfaces, by adding seismic forces in the equilibrium equations. Soil parameters, reinforcement and loadings can have partial factors of safety assigned to them; in addition, a method coefficient can be applied to the calculations.
Cost 3,812 Euros
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in France  GEOS Ingenieurs Conseils SA (France) 
Supplier in Switzerland  GEOS Ingenieurs Conseils SA (Switzerland) 

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