Category Geological modelling
Publisher  David Crane Exploration Services 
Platform Win95/98, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description Drillxs stores drilling data in a Microsoft Access database and plots the data in AutoCAD. It can plot in 3D the following: Analytical results, lithology, alteration, sulphide content and structures. In the form of values, colored values, colored bars, histograms and linegraphs. Structures can be plotted as color rendered planes. A grid in plan or cross section view. A histogram scale or legend on top of the plotted values. Ten different drawing templates, with the drawing automatically scaled to fit. A scalebar, title box and legend with keys for up to 14 assays, alterations and lithologies. It can calculate: Downhole coordinates. Grade-widths of composite intersections. Corrected dip/dip azimuth of structures from oriented drill core. Graphical logs can be produced and multiple cross section drawings can be generated from the plotted data.
Cost US Dollars 500
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Access 
Drawings  :  DWG 
Supplier in Australia  David Crane Exploration Services 

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