Multiple Load Footing Design
Category Bearing capacity
Publisher  Eagle Point Software 
Platform Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description Multiple Load Footing Design calculates reinforcement for footings for a combination of applied loads. Define combined, trapezoidal or strap footings with multiple loads. A finite element solution is used, giving flexibility for a variety of geometric combinations. A variety of loads including self-weight, pressure, uniform, concentrated, moments, settlements and linear are available. Supports may also be defined including fixed or pinned location. A variety of reports may be generated. Features include: Comprehensive design code use, including the latest ACI code; Footing dimensions and column spacings are easily input and can be manipulated with just a few keystrokes; You can select locations of interest to see force data and output; Shear and moment diagrams may be plotted on the screen; Data may be input using the pull-down menus and dialog boxes or by using a command language and built-in text editor; Load factors and combinations can be defined; Supports can also be input at user-defined positions in order to model pile locations, subsidence or other support conditions; Output data includes displacements, reactions, forces, reinforcing requirements, bar sizes and bar spacings.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Eagle Point Software 

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