Category Numerical analysis (soil)
Publisher  University of Sydney 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description MICROFINE consists of three programs for finite element analyses of two dimensional or axi-symmetric elastic, non-linear and consolidation problems. Emphasis has been placed on the need to provide the user with a facility for easily implementing finite element analyses of the most fundamental problems. For this reason the package is presented in modular form and only triangular and eight noded isoparametric solid elements are considered. Four and six noded elasto-plastic joint elements are also available. GENR8 assembles data for the analysis programs. Nodal coordinates and element connections can be generated for general shaped areas of the mesh. The boundary conditions, applied loads and material properties are specified using this program. Initial stresses, pore pressures and material properties can be generated. The analysis program GENFE can perform two dimensional or axi-symmetric elastic, non-linear and consolidation analyses. In the non-linear analysis a Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion is adopted. The consolidation analysis employs Biot's theory of consolidation and the soil skeleton may be treated as either elastic or elasto-plastic. Elasto-plastic joints can be used with elastic or elasto-plastic analyses but not with consolidation analyses. GENPLT utilises Visual Basic graphics and may be run under Windows. Colour or monochrome graphics may be generated and printed using any of the printers available under Windows. PostScript plots can be saved on disk and incorporated into word processor documents. It provides the following options: Contours of: pore pressures, normal and shear stress components, principal stresses, displacements. Plots of: deformed meshes, velocity vectors, plastic elements, displacement vectors, joint stresses.
Cost Australian Dollars 1,650
Data formats supported Printer  :  Encapsulated postscript 
Supplier in Australia  University of Sydney 

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