Category Geological illustration
Publisher  Civilserve GmbH 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description The GGUCAD program can be used to edit all drawings and diagrams created in the GGU program systems. Additionally, it can be used as a full CAD program. Up to 5 drawing layers can be used simultaneously, independently of one another. The individual layers can be presented in different colours or blanked out. A variety of actions and preferences for use with lines, e.g. trimming, parallels, perpendiculars, circles, rectangles, bezier splines and automatic measuring. It is possible to use colours, lines and colour fill for areas, as well as hatching.
Cost EURO 250
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  Foundation QA 
Supplier in Germany  Civilserve GmbH 

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