Category Numerical analysis (rock)
Publisher  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 
Platform DOS, UNIX, SUN
Status Commercial
Description UDEC is a distinct element program for the 2D modelling of jointed rock subjected to quasi-static or dynamic loading conditions. Simulates large displacements (slip and opening) along distinct surfaces in discontinuous medium treated as an assemblage of discrete (convex or concave) polygonal blocks with rounded corners. Discontinuities are treated as boundaries between the blocks. Relative motion along the discontinuities governed by linear and non-linear force-displacement relations for movement in both the normal and shear directions. Explicit solution scheme giving a stable solution to unstable physical problems. Rigid or deformable blocks (or mixed). Library of material models for deformable blocks (elastic, Mohr-Coulomb plasticity, ubiquitous joint, double yield and strain softening). Library of models for discontinuities (Coulomb slip, continuously yielding and optional Barton-Bandis). Thermal and thermal-mechanical calculations. Null blocks for excavation and backfill simulation. Coupled fluid flow in joints and pressure in cavities. Boundary elements coupling for infinite domain problems. Full dynamic capability with absorbing boundaries and wave input. Structural elements (including non-linear cables) with general coupling to continuum blocks or discontinuities. Tunnel generator and statistically based joint set generator. A programming language enables users to define new variables and functions to customise a numerical model to suit their particular needs. For example, users can define special conditions for joint or block constitutive model and properties, loading patterns, servo-control of test conditions, model generation sequences, and plotting and printing, user-defined variables. A reduced function student version is available for purchase.
Cost US Dollars 7,750
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Brazil  GEOCOMPANY Tecnologia, Engenharia e Meio - Ambient 
Supplier in Canada  Itasca Consulting Canada Inc 
Supplier in Chile  Itasca S.A. 
Supplier in France  Itasca Consultants S.A. 
Supplier in Germany  Itasca Consultants GmbH 
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Supplier in Japan  CRC Research Institute Inc 
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Supplier in United States of America  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 

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