Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  Sensors & Software Inc. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description EKKO_TOOLS provides editing and manipulation tools for pulseEKKO GPR data including spectral analysis, FFT filtering, and seismic attribute calculations. Creates a range of data displays with multiple data sets using processes including section addition and subtraction. Data editing and manipulation functions, including: simple line reversal, repositioning, re-sampling in space, re-sampling in time, spatially merging data files, temporally merging data files, adding files, differencing the data files, automatic gaining, adding topographic data, rubber banding data, attribute calculations of envelope, continuous frequency and instantaneous phase using Hilbert Transform concepts. Deconvolution and synthetic aperture migration, Dip filtering, alpha mean trim filtering, and background removal.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Sensors & Software Inc. 

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