Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  Sensors & Software Inc. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description The EKKO_BASE package consists of EKKO_PLOT, EKKO_EDIT, and EKKO_SEGY for the display, editing and conversion of pulseEKKO GPR data. EKKO_PLOT can be used to display GPR data to screen or to paper hard copy. Formats include wiggle trace, grey-scale, color and PCX graphics format files. Gaining, filtering and other enhancement features are available. EKKO_EDIT provides a means of editing GPR data including deleting, windowing and adding topographic data. EKKO_SEGY converts pulseEKKO GPR files to the seismic industry standard SEGY format.
Data formats supported Images  :  Zsoft Paint 
Supplier in Canada  Sensors & Software Inc. 

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