Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  Cooper, Gordan 
Platform Win3x, Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description GeoModel allows the simultaneous forward modelling and inversion of gravity and magnetic data. The bodies making up the model have their susceptibilities displayed on them. A total of 10 parameters may be inverted simultaneously, where a parameter is a body depth or width, or the depth or horizontal position of a corner. The density contrast, susceptibility contrast, and position of the body may be inverted simultaneously. Limits may be set on the possible values of each parameter. During the inversion the least-squares error will be displayed. The inversion may be interrupted at any time. Each body corner may be inverted either horizontally, vertically, or both at once. A grid may be overlain on the model, to aid with the placement of bodies. Maximum number of data points 450. Maximum number of bodies per model 10. Maximum number of corners per body 50. Output supported to ASCII, HP-GL, DXF. Plots to any Windows supported device. Units supported Km or m. for distance. for density. C.G.S. for susceptibility.
Cost Three licenses GB Pounds 350 Educational GB Pounds 263
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Supplier in South Africa  Cooper, Gordan 

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