Category Insitu testing
Publisher  Baziw Consulting Engineers Ltd. 
Platform Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description SCPT-DAA is Seismic Cone Penetration software for Data Acquisition and Analysis. The SCPT cone from Geotech or from other manufacturers can be used together with a Geotech Data Acquisition Board and Signal Conditioning Box. The software provides interval shear and compression wave velocities which can subsequently be used for calculating dynamic moduli of soil layers. All acquisition parameters are manually set (triggering mechanism, sampling rate and time, cone depth, source offset and depth, trigger and data gain). The recorded seismic traces are first frequency bandpass filtered, with tapered ends window. The frequency filtering and seismic analysis are digital, while the crossover is a manual procedure, originating from the days of analogue data. The interval velocity is calculated from polarised or non-polarised S and P wave traces by cross-correlating two filtered traces and the accuracy and ranking of the estimate are listed. In automatic mode, the lower and upper frequencies are manually set; thereafter the results are displayed with no further details. In manual mode, the two traces are displayed in amplitude versus frequency and versus time. The results are displayed as well as the cross-correlation function, as amplitude versus time shift (giving the interval travel time). In a crossover analysis traces of opposite polarity recorded at the same depth are displayed (amplitude versus time), preferably after bandpass filtering. With the velocity profile, interval S or P wave velocities are plotted versus depth. The applied bandpass filters can also be displayed. The seismic depth profile displays the acquired traces at their respective acquisition depth. The oppositely polarised traces can be superposed as a quality control. A demonstration version is available on the WWW.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Baziw Consulting Engineers Ltd. 
Supplier in Sweden  Geotech AB 

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