Category Geostatistics
Publisher  Snowden Mining Ind Con Pty Ltd (Perth) 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description VISOR is a geostatistical analysis program. It accepts data as free-formatted ASCII text files. Types of analysis carried out: traditional (absolute) semi-variograms; semi-variograms of logarithms; indicator semi-variograms (for up to 12 user-defined percentiles/cut-offs); general relative semi-variograms; pairwise relative semi-variograms; semi-variograms of normal scores transforms; semi-madograms; covariance plots; correlograms. Plots colour contoured fans of semi-variograms for each type which assists in identifying ranges of influence, continuity and directions of continuity that may vary with the sample values. Real-time protractor tool allows you to set the directions of maximum continuity. Rubber-band construction of spherical semi-variogram models. Models can be developed for downhole and three orthogonal directions for each type. Reporting and saving of fan and modelling data, results and parameters. Semi-variogram parameters: fan dip and dip direction, number of rays in the fan, size of lag, number of lags, angular tolerance, minimum number of pairs that must support variogram points. View parameters as: spacing of radial segments, number of lags displayed, contouring range, interval and colouring, variograms labelled by direction and percentile or cut-off, tick mark spacing. Plots can be grouped by direction or percentile.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  Snowden Mining Ind Con Pty Ltd (Kalgoorlie) 
Supplier in Australia  Snowden Mining Ind Con Pty Ltd (Perth) 
Supplier in Australia  Snowden Mining Ind Con Pty Ltd (Sydney) 
Supplier in Canada  Snowden Mining Ind Con Pty Ltd (Vancouver) 
Supplier in South Africa  Snowden Mining Ind Con Pty Ltd (Johannesburg) 

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