Category Geographical information systems
Publisher  Keynetix Ltd 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Web/Java
Status Commercial
Description The KeyGeoView is a document archive and retrieval system for site investigation data that allows users to archive projects either as scanned documents or as live computer files and to locate the stored data using a GIS map interface. The Base Module works with a single user interface screen and enables users to locate information by; Project references (name, number, location etc), Borehole references (type, number, eastings, northings, depth etc); Document references (name, location). Bookmarks can be set up to mark the start of each chapter or appendix, or for individual test results or borehole logs. Bookmarks can either be linked to a whole project or just the borehole they relate to. The display of the bookmarks can then be limited to only the ones relating to the current borehole or include the project bookmarks. Projects can be located by using the project finder or the project control panel. Boreholes can be located using the borehole finder or scrolling through all the holes in a selected project. All the features of the Base Module will work along side AutoCAD Map3 or AutoCAD Map Guide to provide a GIS interface to the stored data. This allows the user to either locate a borehole within their mapping environment and launch KeyGeoView with that borehole displayed or locate the borehole in KeyGeoView and zoom to the relevant area within the map environment. All the data stored can be accessed over a corporate Intranet, or over the Internet, using Internet Explorer 4 and AutoCAD Map Guide - no software is required on the users machine. Once the required borehole has been located then selecting the geotechnical report button will display the information and available documents on the hole. Users of HoleBASE will then be able to interactively query an AGS file archive and feed AGS data over the Intranet or Internet. All these features can be incorporated into an e-commerce web site for the sale of borehole log data.
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DWG 
Geotechnical  :  AGS 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Keynetix Ltd 

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