Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  ARK Geophysics Ltd 
Platform UNIX, Sun Sparc
Status Commercial
Description ARKFIELD allows the user to produce an interpretation of potential field and other types of gridded data in conjunction with associated seismic using comprehensive imaging, including interactive 2D and 2.5D forward modelling of gravity and magnetic data with superimposition of the model over the corresponding seismic data incorporating depth conversion. It is fully integrated with Landmark's SeisWorks seismic interpretation system. It incorporates a hypertext based system to aid gravity and magnetic modelling Decision points will be recognised and solutions offered to a number of modelling processes such as assigning densities, susceptibilities and velocities. Help is available for salt modelling and other geological situations. The model may be displayed in two ways. The first is a conventional depth model with the observed and calculated gravity/magnetic profiles drawn above. The second is the model in time superimposed on the seismic time section, also with the observed and calculated gravity or magnetic profiles displayed above. The potential field response will change in real time as body geometries or attribute values are altered.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  ARK Geophysics Ltd 

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