Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  ARK Geophysics Ltd 
Platform UNIX, Sun Sparc
Status Commercial
Description ARKaims is used for the 2D/2.5D modelling of gravity and magnetic potential field data which involves the construction of cross-sectional models of the sub-surface geology over the project area. The models are composed of a number of infinite perpendicular polygonal prisms of arbitrary shape, within which rock unit densities and magnetic susceptibilities remain constant. The number, size and shape of the prisms, or bodies, constituting the model are entirely at the discretion of the modeller and typically reflect the availability of input data and the resolution required of the model. Potential field theory provides the basis for calculating the gravity and magnetic responses above the models. In this forward modelling scenario the explorationist compares the computed responses with the observed gravity and magnetic fields. Modifications may then be made to any region of the model and the effects recalculated. This procedure is iterated until a satisfactory conclusion can be made regarding the plausibility of a variety of geological models. It incorporates strike-limited (end-corrected) bodies, multi-level undo facilities, graphics attribute selection, a computed profile history mechanism, model store/restore functions, and model and profile manipulation options. The u.digmod utility is included and enables geological models, seismic interpretations and observed data profiles to be digitised.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  ARK Geophysics Ltd 

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