Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  ARK Geophysics Ltd 
Platform UNIX, Sun Sparc
Status Commercial
Description ARKimp is gravity and magnetics imaging software. Features include on-screen interpretation and annotation facilities, profiling and depth estimation. It uses several slope analysis methods for magnetic depth estimation and the Bott-Smith 2D and 3D equations for estimating gravity depths. Selected profiles from the grids may be exported for use in other interactive software packages. All colour display attributes may be customised to individual preferences and saved to a personal configuration file, allowing interactive control of hue, saturation, lightness, contrast and other screen parameters. Real-time illumination (sun angle and azimuth) may be varied manually or automatically to assist in feature and trend enhancement. Other functions include automatic interpolation of gridded data, grid editing with save facility, full control over screen layout and a choice of algorithms governing image appearance. Grids can also be rendered in 3D to allow a better appreciation of surface topology and to aid in trend picking.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  ARK Geophysics Ltd 

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