Category Geographical information systems
Publisher  ESRI 
Platform WinNT, UNIX, Digital Unix, HP, IBM, SG, Sun
Status Commercial
Description ARC/INFO integrates visual or graphic data in the form of maps, with descriptive or attribute information from a databases, or from commercially available data. It provides the tools for the entry, editing, manipulation, management, analysis, display, and output of geographic information. Analysis tools include: Topological map overlay; Buffer generation; Proximity analysis; Spatial and logical query; Hydrologic modelling; Surface analysis; Network modelling; Raster modelling; Tabular analysis; Optional software extensions provide additional application-specific functions. ArcSDE is a Spatial Database Engine for various database systems. ARC NETWORK is used to model and analyse spatial networks. ARC TIN is used to create, store, analyse, and display 3-D surface information. ARC GRID is a raster geoprocessing toolbox. ARC COGO supports interactive co-ordinate geometry for survey data management. ArcScan allows users to build vector databases using scanned raster imagery as input. ArcExpress accelerates the display performance on UNIX workstations. ArcPress is a graphics rasterization and plotting package. ArcStorm is a spatial data manager.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  ESRI 

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