Category Geographical information systems
Publisher  ESRI 
Platform Win95/98
Status Freeware
Description ArcExplorer is a lightweight GIS data explorer allowing users to display and query a wide variety of standard data sources. Features: Uses ESRI shapefiles, ARC/INFO coverages, and SDE layers. Displays a wide variety of image formats. Pan and zoom through multiple map layers. Fully integrated with MapObjects IMS Version 2.0. Download vector and image data. Address matching by street address or intersection. Intelligent automated labelling. Displays data using classifications, symbols, and labelling. Identify and query geographic and attribute data. It also features legends, overview maps, multiple views, saving and retrieving views, and map printing. In addition it can be used as a Web mapping client to browse and query data on corporate Intranets or the World Wide Web and to choose and download data via the Internet in shapefile format.
Cost Free
Data formats supported Mapping and GIS  :  Shape 
Supplier in United States of America  ESRI 

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