Category Reinforced slopes and walls
Publisher  ADAMA Engineering, Inc. 
Publisher  Strata Systems Inc. 
Platform Win3x, Win95/98
Status Freeware
Description Strataslope for reinforced slope design. Main features: Generic design methodology applicable to any geosynthetic reinforcement. Simple slope geometry with separate soil types for embankment fill and foundation soils. Permits the use of cohesive soils. Accommodates uniform surcharge above slope crest. Includes the destabilizing effects of groundwater that may be modeled with either a phreatic surface or pore pressure parameter. Permits user defined geosynthetic reinforcement placement elevations, by either; Uniform Vertical Spacing; Clusters (groups) of Uniform Vertical Spacing; or Independent Vertical Spacing. Simple file transfer to analyze multiple sections of reinforced slope. Multiple output modes for review of analytical results. Complete technical manual containing all test data for creep, pull-out, biological and chemical durability, site damage durability and EPA 9090 testing is available.
Cost Free
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Strata Systems Inc. 

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