Winsimul 1.0
Category Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)
Publisher  Mestor Snc 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description Winsimul 1.0 may be used for the estimation of seismic strong ground motion, it incorporates concepts of the seismic source process and wave propagation effects. The input parameters are related to the seismic source, geotechnical conditions and the calculation of response spectra. The program includes a database that facilitates its use in seismic zoning projects where a large number of sites and different seismic scenarios have to be considered. The simulation of the seismic source follows a stochastic concept as proposed by Hanks and McGuire (1981) and Boore (1983). The source signal, in terms of ground acceleration, is generated as a sequence of gaussian distributed random numbers. The general characteristics of the seismic source are represented by applying a window function in the time domain and filtering the signal with respect to the spectral properties of the seismic source. The deterministic frame parameters, like source dimension and the average dislocation, are accounted for by the window function and the spectral filtering. Wave propagation effects are taken into account by the use of Haskell propagator matrices and a complex wave number approach for the absorption. Horizontally polarized S-waves (SH-waves) are considered. The geological structure is represented by a sequence of horizontally layered plane strata overlying an infinite halfspace, which contains the seismic source. The standard output consists of a plot concerning the response spectra showing their statistical variation, and a table with peak ground acceleration, velocity and displacement, RMS-values of the three types of signal, the duration of strong ground motion (calculated following the concept of HUSID-plots), and corresponding magnitude values (MS deduced from the seismic moment, MWA as obtained from the simulated signals). All these results can be saved to a georeferenced data base, where they can be accessed for further processing in GIS-applications. The accelerograms can be visualized together with the velocity, displacement and WOOD-ANDERSON seismograms.
Cost Euro 5,500
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Italy  Mestor Snc 

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