WinLog Pro
Category Borehole log production
Publisher  HRH Ltd 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description WinLog Pro has user definable database structures to allow upload / download of data to / from corporate databases. Automated chart generation functions for log production and data consistency. Direct on-screen interaction and graphical editing facilities. Network functionality: able to access shared directories and printer drivers. An approach to lithology input allowing depiction of interval gradation and accurate placement of localised features. Object linking and embedding (OLE) to incorporate spreadsheets, photographs, artwork, etc. Multi-well correlation. The seperate WRFView allows the user to view and print highly compressed images of charts created from within Winlog. The viewer is not copy protected so can be distributed to partners.
Data formats supported Geological  :  WinLog 
Supplier in United Kingdom  HRH Ltd 

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