Category Database systems (with log production)
Publisher  A F Howland Associates 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description GEODASY is a modular program for geotechnical data management. Uses plain English entry screens to allow data entry and amendment. Produces report quality records for percussion boring, rotary drilling, trial pits, dynamic penetrometer, instrumentation, soil and chemical laboratory sheets. Carries out data processing with graphical output including nominal sections, x-y plots, nmc/LL/PL plots, composite grading curves, A-line plots, groundwater and gas readings v time. Project management and administration features include costed fieldwork summaries, sample logging sheet, laboratory test schedule, sample store record sheet, sample transmittal sheets and AGS data export.
Data formats supported Geotechnical  :  AGS 
Supplier in United Kingdom  A F Howland Associates 

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