Category Remediation
Publisher  Schlumberger Water Services 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description AIRFLOW-SVE is a finite-difference numerical model for simulating vapor flow and multi-component vapor transport in unsaturated, heterogeneous and anisotropic soil for designing and evaluating vapor transport in the unsaturated zone, soil bioventing systems and soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation systems. The model calculates radially symmetrical, steady-state vapor flow towards an extraction well and accounts for time-variant depletion of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) organic contaminants. Main Features: Wells can be fully or partially screened in the unsaturated zone. Well conditions can be specified as either a vacuum pressure or as a volumetric vapor extraction rate. Impermeable ground cover can be assigned over a specified radius around the well. Heterogeneous soil layers are assigned by stretching a window across the desired depth interval. NAPL properties are assigned with a single key-stroke using an on-line database of 75 organic contaminants. Irregular zones of NAPL distribution (vapor, residual or pools) can be graphically assigned. Forward and backward pathline origins are graphically assigned. Considers vapor flow through heterogeneous and anisotropic soil with variable water contents, and implements a rigorous treatment of the partitioning processes which occur between the soil, aqueous, NAPL and vapor phases. Volumetric flow rates in the well are calculated directly by the model for a specified well vacuum pressure. Mass transfer between NAPL, water, soil and vapor can be represented as kinetically-controlled or as an equilibrium process. Different types of equilibrium sorption isotherms can be simulated. Differential NAPL mass depletion is simulated, with the more volatile compounds extracted first. Pressures and flow velocities recalculated as the NAPL mass is depleted. Output Features: time-variant pressure contours, velocity vectors and pathlines, time-variant isoconcentration contours (vapor and total soil concentrations), time vs. NAPL mass extracted, time vs. NAPL mass remaining, and time vs. vapor concentrations. Export to various graphics file formats (DXF, PCX, EPS, TIF, GlF, etc.). A summary of the input parameters can be exported to a logbook.
Cost US Dollars 795
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Images  :  Tagged Image File   :  Zsoft Paint 
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