Category Slope stability (rock)
Publisher  PanTechnica Corporation 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description Kbslope is a module of the PTWorkshop package, but is also available separately. It carries out the limit equilibrium method of analyzing stability of rock wedges in slopes in jointed rock masses. The program implements the key-block method for stability analysis of blocky rock masses (Shi,1984) and includes visualization of multi-dimensional 3D block geometries. For a given data set (joint planes and excavation planes) it provides a list of all blocks that exist, the type of blocks, their volumes and safety factors. Rock bolt support patterns can be evaluated, and the effect of water pressure can also be included. The analysis objective is to check block stability after selecting a support system. It is applicable in ground where intact rock strengths are much greater than the strengths of fractures. Main features: Identifies all blocks delineated by three or more joint planes. Renders all JPs (joint pyramids), EPs (excavation pyramids), and BPs (block pyramids). Block types identified include tapered, stable, stable with friction and unstable. External resultant force vectors can be introduced into analysis. Computes sliding modes for blocks, single and double face sliding. Determines factor of safety and excess sliding force. Static stability analysis considers effect of friction on stability of block. This can be visualized using contours of friction, or the friction loop (FOS=1). Dynamic stability analysis can be used to evaluate stability of block in response to a time history of acceleration from an earthquake, or a time history of resultant force. Water pressure can be introduced by entering a water table. Buoyancy force on each face of the blocks, and total buoyancy force is computed. An evaluation version is available on the www.
Cost Single user, US Dollars 700. Network floating licence US Dollars 1050
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  PanTechnica Corporation 

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