Category Database systems (general)
Publisher  Visidata Pty Ltd 
Platform Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description DBGeo is a geological database management software designed by geologists to produce clean, valid, well managed data files. Primarily designed to ensure that drillhole databases are efficiently managed, thus minimising management time and eliminating costly errors. Used for geochemical databases in conjunction with a laboratory QC module. Designed to work with Access databases, although prior knowledge of Access is not needed. Has data entry, automated and customisable validation routines, and produces reports using Word and Excel OLE links. Includes Database audit trails - the program compares an original dataset and tracks and stores daily changes to the data. Problems can be traced and justified. Complies with the VSE stock exchange regulations. On-line tutorials.
Cost US dollars 3000
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Access   :  Excel 
Documents  :  Word 
Supplier in Australia  Visidata Pty Ltd 
Supplier in Canada  Visidata Software Inc 
Supplier in Ghana  Resource Service Group Pty Ltd 
Supplier in India  SRG Services & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd 
Supplier in South Africa  Harwood International 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Magseis Consulting 

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